Founded by joint directors, Hayley Ekgren and Claire Willmott, Your Support Team draws on the expertise of the directors’ backgrounds to offer a full and personal service to businesses across the North West and beyond.

Hayley’s background lies in project and administrative support, having previously run her own business for a number of years. With experience in market analysis and project support, Hayley has a varied set of skills that she is able to apply to your business needs.

Claire, a qualified CIMA accountant, has a background in financial analysis and business management. Having held senior management positions, as well as business and financial analysis roles, Claire is well-versed in the world of business.

Together, Hayley and Claire are able to combine their skills and experience to offer a professional yet personal service. They offer stress-free solutions to financial and administrative problems fitting in perfectly with the culture and atmosphere of your business.

Your Support Team was created as Claire’s maternity leave was coming to an end. When Hayley’s father’s company suffered a devastating fire, all the hard copies of accounts records were lost. Using their expertise, Hayley and Claire were able to recoup over 90% of the records, helping to get the company back on its feet.

The rest, they say is history, and Hayley and Claire went on to create Your Support Team, a financial support service that ensures that the needs of your business are taken care of, no matter the size or structure.

With services ranging from training to rescue, Your Support Team fits right in with your business, giving you the financial support that you need to keep your company running smoothly. Hayley and Claire use their expertise to identify which areas need improvement and how they can be an asset to your company, providing advice, training and practical services that allow you to get back to business.